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How much are Wedding DJ's?

You're probably noticing that for some reason pricing is a controversial topic for Wedding DJ's but you shouldn't blame any of them for this because it's actually an industry wide problem, not just in Lincoln, NE. To learn more about why DJ pricing is like this, click here.

Can a Wedding DJ play ANY song?

The short answer is - yes. But you'll want to know about the limitations because there is much broader answer to this question. Click here to learn more.

How are other weddings handling the COVID-19 restrictions?

This is a difficult question to answer because every state, city and venue that we have worked at since June 2020 is handling the pandemic differently. One thing that we're seeing in common is that the tables are getting setup a lot further apart from each other and the dance floors have been a lot bigger so that dancers can spread out easier. If you'd like to read more about this, click here.

How to pick a Wedding DJ

Click here to check out a list of the top questions to ask yourself when trying to decide who the DJ should be at your wedding.

When should I book my Wedding DJ?

Our most popular dates start to fill up at least 8-12 months before the event. However, there are certain occassions when there's an opening for last minute events as well. We recommend filling out the Contact form to see if we have your date still available.

What is the average price for a DJ for a wedding?

Our pricing will vary based on several factors, such as: 1. Start and end times 2. Day of week 3. Time of year 4. Travel and lodging requirements Fill out the Contact form to speak with Derrick about our pricing.

How long have Crown DJ's been DJing?

Crown DJ's has been serving the Lincoln area for 7 years and our most experienced DJ has 15+ years of experience.

What kind of DJ equipment do you use?

We bring a state-of-the-art PA System and Dance Floor Lighting setup that has minimal wire showing and won't overpower the decorations of the room.

Do I tip the DJ?

We do not include gratuity in the final contract price. 10 – 20% is generally recommended if your DJ did a great job, but not required.

Does the DJ take song requests?

We believe that taking song requests is an important part of the job when it fits in well with what the DJ is already playing AND it's the kind of music that the client wants.

What are good songs to walk down the aisle to?

Picking out the music for your wedding ceremony is not easy. That's why we curated a list with some of our favorite songs that our past brides have picked for their wedding processional song over the years - we hope it helps! Read more

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